Connect H


The instruction manual in PDF format can be downloaded HERE.

Interfaces and controls

The overview of the interfaces and controls in PDF format can be downloaded HERE.


LED States

Starting up
Normal operation
Configuration mode active
Switched off
Connected in standby mode
Normal operation
No connection to the Internet
Cannot obtain an IP address
Standard gateway not accessible
DNS server not accessible
No connection to HOOC Cloud

Device configuration

Configuration mode

By default, the device obtains an IP address via DHCP. In addition, the HOOC gateway is configured with a static IP address

Follow the instructions below to connect your computer to the HOOC gateway:

  1. Connect the HOOC gateway to the power supply.
  2. Wait until the device has started (approx. 1min).
  3. Connect your computer to the network port of the gateway, or to the switch to which the gateway is connected to.
  4. Set the network adapter’s IP address to and the subnet mask to
  5. Open the URL in your browser (preferably Google Chrome).

There are two ways to start the configuration mode:

Activation method Instructions
local Press the reset button on the device briefly (1sec).
from remote The activation code to start the configuration mode can be generated remotely using the HOOC ClientApp. In the menu Secure Remote Access the action Open configuration page can be activated. Afterwards, the activation code can be copied and used on the device status page.

If there are problems with the configuration, the HOOC gateway can be reset to the factory settings. After switching on the device, the factory settings can be restored by pressing the reset button for 15 seconds.


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from firmware version 3.0.0
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from firmware version 6.0.0
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ConnectOS v7
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