HOOC Credits

HOOC Credits are used to bill charges of paid services and functions of the HOOC solution. In addition, fees incurred for outgoing telephone calls or text messages from the Notification Centre are also billed using HOOC Credits.

Credit balance

There are several ways to manually top up the site’s credit balance:

  1. HOOC Credits are transferred from your personal account.
  2. HOOC Credits are topped up via the Redeem Voucher Code action.

You can use your personal account as payment owner for the site. This means that the paid services and functions will be debited directly from your personal credit balance.


Settings can be made for the notification source type Crediting. The notification source can be used in the Notification Center in the personal Account -> Own notifications, as well as under Services -> Notification Center. The settings are made by clicking on the icon.

Source Description
Interval Current value of the credit is notified at the set interval
Threshold When falling below the defined threshold values, this status is notified

Transfer bookings

Open transactions of HOOC Credits are shown in this list. The list updates hourly.


The bookings overview shows the bookings of the last month in tabular form. A report (up to the last 18 months) of the summarized or detailed booking data can be created and downloaded by clicking on the icon.