Secure Remote Access

Network adapter Settings Windows

The network adapter used by the HOOC Client App has an automatic interface metric set as default. If a connection is established to a remote site using HOOC Secure Remote Access Servoce, the routing table is adjusted after the connection has been made. The interface metric can be set directly at the network adapter.

  • Navigate to Network and Sharing Center
  • Navigate to Change adapter settings
  • Navigate to properties of (“HOOC TAP0” or “VPN24”) via the shortcut menu
  • Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click properties
  • In the tab general click on Advanced Settings

Using the elements Automatic metrics and Interface metrics, the routing can now be adjusted as follows:

Automatic Metrics Interface Metrics Data Traffic
- All traffic is sent through the VPN tunnel
9999 Data traffic to site via VPN tunnel, remaining data traffic locally

Confirming all windows with OK will apply the settings made. These changes must be made before establishing a connection to a remote site.