HOOC ClientApp

The HOOC ClientApp for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android is the perfect tool for checking your system status, adjusting set points as well as for visualizing trend data. It not only gives you a quick overview of all sites and users, but also a summary of all messages and notifications.

Thanks to the HOOC ClientApp and its secure access, you don’t have to “wait” any longer for your VPN connection to be established. On the contrary, the connection will be made immediately as soon as you start the app. For a even faster connection, you can access your different sites under “favorites” or under your recent connections. But that’s not all: While usually the admin settings are first to be parameterized in the ManagementPortal, alerting rules or notification center settings can also be paused or stopped directly with your ClientApp.


Supported operating systems

Operating system Download Further information
Windows HOOC ManagementPortal Windows 8.1 or later (i5, 4Gb RAM)
macOS Mac App Store macOS 11 or later
iOS App Store iOS 13 or later
Android Google Play Store Android 7 or later

The HOOC ClientApp is not available in the following countries:

  • Russland
  • Hongkong
  • Makau
  • China