Information Board

Functional description

In the Information Board (IB), data such as external web links can be collected for system documentation, support or contact purposes.


By setting the appropriate access rights, site users can access data in the HOOC CompactApp, whereas HOOC users and supporters can access data in the HOOC ManagementPortal as well as in the HOOC ClientApp.

The entries of the Information Board can all be managed in the HOOC ManagementPortal.


In order to configure the IB service, go to the specific Site(s), then click on Services -> Information Board.


The Information Board allows the following actions:

Actions Description
Export existing entries
Import entries (This action is only possible if there are no entries yet.)
Add new entry

As for the IB entries, the following actions are possible:

Actions Description
Edit entry
Duplicate entry
Remove entry

Add entries

You can add a new entry by clicking on the icon.


Property Description
Position Set the position where the entry is to be listed.
Icon Select an icon to be displayed together with the entry.
Type Please note that the entry type determines what type of data will be displayed:
weblink: Display of a URL to a web address
e-mail: Display of an e-mail address
phone: Display of a phone number
Default: Label This label will be used, if there is no entry in another language.
Default: Data This data will be shown, depending on the entry type, if there is no entry in another language.
Other languages These are the label and data shown when there is an entry in another language.