The Principle

The HOOC gateway (HOOC Connect) in a site (remote network infrastructure) establishes an encrypted VPN connection to the HOOC Cloud. In the HOOC Cloud, a separate, virtual and completely isolated network is created for each site.


In the same manner, the HOOC-App uses the service Secure Remote Access to establish an encrypted VPN connection to the HOOC Cloud. After the connections have been established, both connections are linked and a “virtual network cable” (Ethernet, Layer-2) is created between the site and the HOOC-App. The HOOC Solution allows to transport all IP protocols. Other provided applications in the HOOC cloud like Secure Proxy use the same mechanism.

Quick start

  1. Open HOOC ManagementPortal in the browser, fill in the form and register. (HOOC checks the data and sends an email from the sender to the email address entered. If you have not received an email within a reasonable period of time, please check your SPAM folder .).
  2. Follow the instructions in the email, set and confirm the password for the account
  3. Create a site under Sites by clicking on the icon
  4. Enter the HOOC Connect Gateway serial number and link it
  5. Under Downloads get the HOOC ClientApp for the desired platform, install and open it, then log in
  6. Navigate to the Secure Remote Access service and establish a VPN connection.