HOOC Connect T



Interfaces and controls



The IP configuration of the HOOC Gateway can be changed by creating and downloading a corresponding configuration file for the HOOC Gateway in the HOOC Management Portal.

To activate the configuration mode of the HOOC Gateway, the operating button of the device must be pressed briefly (less than one second) using a blunt object (e.g. paper clip).

The device is in configuration mode when the Uplink LED is orange. The configuration mode is active for 5 minutes after activation. The installation rod is now displayed on the device’s website.

Connect your computer to the network in which the HOOC Gateway is located and follow the steps below:

  1. Static configuration of the network adapter of your computer with the IP address and the subnet mask
  2. Open the web page
  3. Now select the downloaded IP configuration and load it onto the device
  4. Wait until the configuration is completed and confirm it with the “Reboot system” button


If no restart is made, it can lead to a malfunction.

If there have been problems with your configuration, it is possible to restore the HOOC Gateway to its factory settings. Press the control button for at least 15 seconds when the gateway is started. The start of this process is indicated by the two LEDs Uplink and Status being switched off and the power LED lighting blue.