Getting Started Wago PFC200

The HOOC Embedded Gateway is also available as binary for the PFC100.

The following instructions describe how to install the HOOC Embedded Gateway (Docker Version) on a PFC200. In order to let the HOOC Embedded Gateway function as a HOOC Connect H, the following configuration of the PFC200 is suggested (Firmware 03.01.07(13)):

Wago PFC Menu Setting Description / Example
Networking->Ethernet All Use factory defaults (Switched)
Networking->TCP/IP IP Configuration X1/X2 Assign static IP address
Networking->TCP/IP DNS Server If required, set DNS server
Networking->Routing Static Routes Assign route to gateway

Furthermore, Docker CE für Wago must be installed on the PFC200.



Set up the HOOC Embedded Gateway

  • Target Device
  1. Execute docker run --name hooc-connect --detach --device /dev/net/tun --cap-add NET_ADMIN --cap-add NET_BIND_SERVICE --network host --restart unless-stopped hooc/hooc-connect --dhcpv4.enable --vpn.linux.tap=hooc0 --api.address=
  2. Open local website of the HOOC Embedded Gateway http://device-ip:1323
  3. Copy 64-digit hardware identification code
  • HOOC Management Portal
  1. Log in to the HOOC Management Portal
  2. Create a site
  3. Link the HOOC Embedded Gateway by entering the serial number
  4. Navigate to HOOC Gateway -> Configuration
  5. Enter the hardware identification code and click activate
  6. Copy the generated activation code
  • Target Device
  1. Paste activation code and click activate

Activation can take up to 30 seconds. After successful activation, the connection status is displayed on the local website of the HOOC Embedded Gateway.