HOOC Connect E

About the HOOC Embedded Gateway

The HOOC Connect E (HOOC Embedded Gateway) is primarily aimed at developers and integrators who want to implement the HOOC solution in their own hardware. Thus the HOOC solution can be used simply and without additional hardware. Currently the platforms Raspberry PI, Linux and MAC are supported.

HOOC Embedded Gateway Version 0.X.X

Command line parameters

The command line parameters can be listed by the flag --help.

  app_embeddedgateway [flags]
  app_embeddedgateway [command]

Available Commands:
  help        Help about any command
  hwid        generates the hardware identifier for registration

      --api.address string           address onto which the api server should bind (default "")
      --api.enable                   shoulde the API Server be enabled or not (default true)
      --api.port int                 port onto which the api server should bind (default 1323)
      --dhcpv4.enable                should the DHCPv4 Server be enabled or not, the server will distribute IPs from the subnet of the vpn.linux.tap interface.
      --dhcpv4.range.end ip          the last IP address of the DHCPv4 distribution range (default
      --dhcpv4.range.start ip        the first IP address of the DHCPv4 distribution range (default
  -h, --help                         help for app_embeddedgateway_deactivated
      --log.file string              path where the log should be written, if not defined the log output will be written to the stdout
      --version                      version for app_embeddedgateway_deactivated
      --vpn.linux.bridge string      name of the bridge interface to which the VPN should be added, if not defined a standalone TAP (hooc-tap0) interface is created
      --vpn.linux.mac string         mac address of the TAP. If not defined a random is generated or if bridge is configured, the one of the bridge interface is used.
      --vpn.linux.address ip-cidr    the IP address of the vpn.linux.tap interface, use in order to set no address (default It is ignored, if vpn.linux.bridge is used.
      --vpn.linux.tap string         name of the tap interface to be created for the VPN connection (default "hooc-tap0")
      --vpn.retryinterval duration   retry interval for reconnects to the VPN (default 15s)

Use "app_embeddedgateway [command] --help" for more information about a command.


The HOOC Embedded Gateway provides a REST API for communication with a higher-level application. The API definition (swagger) can here be downloaded.