HOOC CollabApp

HOOC Collab is somewhat as the WhatsApp for the building technology. It enables the sending of files and documents and has an integrated chat option.

Today, teams and colleagues often communicate in a non-homogeneous way, by randomly using e-mails, SMS, phone calls, etc. As a result, processes and work flows cannot be tracked and hence, not be improved. The HOOC CollabApp, on the other hand, shows an overview of all chats, attached documents and system notifications, so that the client has a much easier time to understand the problem (e.g. a system failure) and how, how quick and by whom it was fixed.

Speaking of promptness: Speed is also key when it comes to logging into the system. Because if your systems fails, you usually want to react immediately. Therefore, the initial authentication can be activated simply via QR code and after that, the access works with no additional input (username and password). As handy as an app gets.


Supported operating systems

Operating system Download Further information
iOS App Store iOS 9 or later, not in FR and China Store
Android Google Play Store ab Android 5